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User Comments

"There are a few software packages that might meet your needs...[Link to OmniValue]"
(Posted in LinkedIn Answers to question "How do you track the cost basis of stocks and mutual funds?")
- K Scheinblum, CEO within Capital Markets, U.S.A

"So far I enjoy the is simple, straight forward and quite easy to use....As a former financial services provider for over 25 years, this is what I was looking for!"
- K Taylor, U.S.A

"Congratulations on a very fast and stable program! I think OmniValue deserves a lot more recognition than it has had so far. It is comprehensive but small, fast and, very importantly, easy to use and set up."
- R Collin, New Zealand

"The reports are excellent in brevity and clarity."
- T Woodward, UK

" I've found that the program does some things better than any other finance program that I can afford"
- E Barkes, Canada

"This is not new but I would like to say that I love the ctrl Q switch to stop including stocks or portfolio's in calculations. Very useful."
- R Collin, New Zealand

"Your program looks like what I'm looking for."
- P Falcone, U.S.A

If you have a comment or a suggestion regarding OmniValue, please let us know. Your feedback is an important source for new features and improvements to OmniValue.