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Nov 29 2011 OmniValue version 4.0 is released.
Jan 6 2009 OmniValue version 3.0 is released.
Jan 7 2008 OmniValue version 2.2 is released.
Jan 22 2007 OmniValue version 2.1 is released.
Oct 3 2006 New stock quotes for NYSE/NASDAQ, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo are available (note that these quotes are not included in the program installation and must be downloaded separately).
Sep 15 2004 OmniValue version 2.0 is released.
Sep 23 2002 OmniValue version 1.4 is released.
May 1 2002 Milliplex begins construction of the first global registry of public transactions in major companies world wide. Public transactions such as splits, dividends, and bonus issues can be downloaded and imported into a document of an owner's assets.